Death of a Salesman

Hey there! Hey you! Hey, look this way!

And pay attention!

And act now! ACT NOW!

...If you don’t mind

I know, and we always say

Everything in moderation

But I can’t decide for my body or nation

The resignation of my production of costly goods

Yeah, so are you listening, you spud-cake?

Your ass is like pancakes

Hey you, listen up

And wise up, wife up

And look here mister!

I’ve got something to sell here

Don’t sell easy but it’s damned nice

Quality goods here you see

And I’ll sell it all to you

Let’s conjure up a lil’ offer

Or an exchange? Even better, more fulfilling!

Filling! I’ll have lots of that!

Filling, filling, filling!

Lots of that stuff, hear me? LOTS!

And you want it, I can just tell, my!

Would it ever look lovely

Dressed-up, dressed-down

High-class or downtown

Girl or guy, mi-oh-my

But I can’t force you to commit

Take a shit

To hell with it

Tyra Jutai