She’s got that Etta James slow, almost Winehouse flow, that Billie Jean on holiday, no, that promethean heat with a little Monroe, that put it in a bottle, don’t even sell it though.
— Chris Austin Bautista, Actor

Tyra moved to Toronto in the Fall of 2017 and is already taking the city by storm, packing venues and working with local producers and promoters while writing and recording her original music. Look out for her first two singles “Frida” and “New Shoes”.

Marilyn Monroe meets Winehouse? Baby Holiday? The Love child of Jessica Rabbit and Tom Waits?
— Tipsy Patron at The Horseshoe Tavern 

Tyra has performed in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, and Amsterdam.  As a songwriter, she has the ability to tell stories that elevate the mundane, and convey expression across the spectrum of human experience. She combines the melancholic with the joyful, and humour with earnest sobriety. 


Her focus lately has been to develop and record her original compositions, which blend electronic and acoustic instrumentation with her soulful vocals and storytelling.