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I was given two great gifts in life: a muse - a divine voice that sends me messages to share to the world, and strength - to work diligently and patiently at my craft for my whole life to be able to share it. There was no doubt in my mind that I would harness the skills I developed in music to manifest art that connects universally. I felt the inability to relate with those around me growing up and I found solace in old records I collected. I felt a connection and that is how I started to find my own words and abilities to write my own songs. With these songs I was able to seize dive bars and small venues as a 16 year old girl, sometimes making grown men cry. I pushed through, not without scars - metaphorical and some literal. There were so many rooms and tunnels that I walked through trying to find myself, but they lead nowhere or worse, to danger - places I wasn’t supposed to be in or with people that I should have avoided… people and places that tried to steal my art and my being. They failed. The challenges made me stronger and even though they were overwhelming at times and also affected my mental health, I continued to work to design and manifest the art in my mind and my heart. I want to continue to make music that holds people the way they held me.


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